After the show took place on opening night... I was left with the whole entire week to enjoy the other shows! Here are some street style photos from the week.
                                                 photos: looklingerlove
                                                Heather Koonse in her own design: photo by Diana Deever

So excited to get to meet Janie Bryant (Mad Men costume designer) photo: Diana Deever

                                 Singer:   Brittany Bosco         photo: Diana Deever
The Judges, from left.  Anne Slowey(Elle Magazine) K. Cooper Ray(founder and designer of Social Primer bowties for Brooks Brothers) Janie Bryant (Costume designer for Mad Men) Fern Malis(New York Fashion Week creator) 
And more judges including Andrea Serrano-costume buyer for Army wives, Marysia Reeves- swimwear designer, and Alexis Maybank-cofounder of the Gilt group

Congratulations to Charlotte Hess for winning Peoples Choice and Winning Overall the Emerging Designer Competition South! Loved that girl and her beautiful designs!

                   photos: Ed Kavishe @Fashion Wire Press