Gigi's Lemonade

My Uncle David and his wife Geri have a children's store in Rosemary Beach Florida called Gigi's.  They do a wonderful thing over there... A lemonade stand.  It is not your ordinary lemonade stand. This one is run by children. The whole idea behind this is to raise money for the Alaqua Animal Refuge in Florida. Each child signs their name on the sign up sheet in the store in order to take their turn working the stand that day.  Genius idea! especially since there are so many children who vacation in Rosemary. Look at those sweet animals at the bottom... how can people pass this up?

Here are some of the animals currently at the Alaqua Animal Refuge.


Erin said...

Such bright and happy pictures!

Gillian and Mark said...

We need some people like Geri and David over here in China!!

Kelly Anderson said...

This is such a beautiful idea, amazing images and happy children working for a good cause :)