This is my brother Jack up on this balancing rock during his visit to Zimbabwe. I wanted to share some of his photographs because I think that they are beautiful and inspiring.  He has traveled Zimbabwe, Israel, Egypt and has lived and taught in Kenya and Rwanda. These photographs are from the past 2 years and show some of the people that he has met along the way. The top six photos were taken in Zimbabwe, the place where my mom was born and raised. Jack was able to meet some of the people that knew my grandparents and finally was able to meet Joyce, the sweet lady that helped raise my mom and a person that we've heard stories about since we were young.
Joyce in the kitchen and headed out to pick lemons in her backyard


ola appletea said...

these are awesome!!!

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B. Inspired. said...

Thanks ola, will check it out:)

TT's Attic said...

Love the pics - especially of the animals!! A trip to Zimbabwe sounds so exciting :)

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Kuleigh said...

These are so amazing! I want to be brave enough to travel and be one with nature someday.

L0veLindsey said...

These pictures are so amazing! What a great trip. It looks like such a wonderful experience.