From the Garden to the Glass

I stopped by Gillian and Mark's yesterday to return a drill (which I forgot to bring) They were cooking soup and talking about the funny carrots that they picked out in the garden... I walked outside with Gillian and she showed me some... aren't they weird looking?  Gillian had been juicing some of them, so I was able to taste the juice while munching on a few too;) They are sweeter than the grocery store.. (maybe that is what a real carrot tastes like).  The heads of the carrots were chopped off and put into water for an experiment... It is supposed to grow another carrot... somehow. I will be documenting this. 

p.s.  Here is the recipe for this REALLY orange juice: 
apple, ginger, funny looking carrots, beet.


Anonymous said...

I want some of that juice for my moonshine distillery. Im going to call it orange lightening. Buster still moonshining.

Anonymous said...

MMMmmmmmm. You must be feeling really great after drinking that!

Jack said...

haha I had to laugh at you forgetting to bring the drill. I did that the other night. Daddy let me use his car to pick up a box in brentwood only to ask the next morning "where's the box?" and I responded... Ahhhhhh I forgot to get it!