break in the day

 During the weekends, it's nice to take a break from my projects and visit Gillian and Mark's house and see what they are doing. Lately, they've been juicing a lot and where there is juice... there are visitors for sure... here are some of their recent projects and breaks in December...

wreath making... Gillian made these wreaths out of left-over christmas tree trimmings, red and blue berries and cumquats. This year, she gave them to friends and distributed some of them to places around town. 

The favorite so far... carrot, apple, orange, lemon, parsley, kale, and ginger.
 Mark, crocheting a hat within the hour of one of my weekend visits. He gets his yarn here!
tea and coffee
  One of Gillian and Mark's visitors, Iris... taking a dip in the sugar bowl.


thea p said...

that a really pretty wreath!

Anonymous said...

Love the cumquats on the wreath. Lucky friends. Where can I get one of Mark's hats? Dose he sell them at Poe with your clothing?