Logan Neitzel: Trunk Show @ Hampden Clothing

The last time I was in a room with Logan Neitzel was during the CFW design challenge back in March... Our challenge was to create an avant garde piece out of white button down shirts and inspired by Alexander McQueen. He.. very kindly told me that one of my fabric choices was... well, maybe not quite up to parr. I really appreciated that... having not slept in a few days, It was difficult to make decisions. This past Friday evening, Hampden Clothing hosted a trunk show for Logan.  It was nice to see his Fall 2010 collection displayed with pieces like very well fitted black dresses, leggings, and furry vests. As stated in his Bio "One sits up straighter in a Logan Neitzel dress." The crowd at the show was definitely fashionable and interesting. It is nice to know that select pieces will remain in Hampden for a limited time.
And... not part of Logan's designs... but some shoes that I fell in love with while at Hampden


and flowers pick themselves said...

i'm loving those shoes! every color, too.


xo Alison

B. Inspired. said...

Arent they great! Thanks Alison, I really like your blog. I will definitely be back;)


Amazing designer - love the little shrug (and the booties as well!)

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this free bird said...

Logan! My heart totally skipped a beat when I saw his face!!