Since I currently use my B.b. page to show my newest designs, I think that it would be good to share inspirations and events that take place behind the scenes of B.b. Seven months after taking part in Charleston Fashion Week, I am proud to say that my designs were taken well by the judges and by the people in the crowd. I am so lucky to have so much support from family and friends.  
Within the past seven months, B.b. has gained many great clients such as, world renownd fashion photographer, Ed Kavishe,  top editor, Anne Slowey of Elle Magazine, has appeared in a photo shoot by Jorg Meyer and has taken place in Small Magazine, Small Magazine's blog and Charleston Magazine.  This is just enough to keep me going and thinking more things, so, two weeks ago,  I began with a trip to New York along side Zhenya Lundgren, Owner of the  baby and children's boutique, Sugar Snap Pea.  

The purpose of the trip was to attend the  E.N.K Children's show, a place for store owners to find top children's brands for their boutiques. While walking around, I was able to meet designers and see clothing brands such as Olive Juice, Morgan and Milo, Marilyn Tov, Tea, Egg, and new designer Anais & I.  After spending one day at the show, I  left to check out many of New York's finest fabric stores around the city. This is just one of the notions that I am constantly searching for here in Charleston. (someone please open a fabric store here!)  

Like this one, and this one!

 After walking around and checking out the fabric, notion stores, bakeries, bookstores, and coffee shops oh and Anthropologie... I was really liking this big city! I felt that I could try out a new crazy outfit that I wouldn't try here in Charleston. Everyone has somewhere to go. Two people asked me for directions, which I took as a huge compliment;) The trip proved well and I am home now with fresh ideas in my head... I am currently working on my Spring clothing line and it is amazing the amount of concentration that it takes when everything is pumpkins and ghosts! Stay tuned for more on the Spring collection. 

While in New York I wanted to take photos of some of the nice outfits I saw (So so many cool outfits!) This was my one and only attempt while on our way out of the city.  As you can see, my approach needs some working on.  After a chat with a professional , I took notes so, stay tuned... I'm no Sartorialist yet;)